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Telephone no.


Ice cream machine rental information


Time / Period

The machine takes approx. 1 h. The length of the standard rental period is up to 5 hours, if you want longer, then write the time / time period in the box.

How many ice cream machines do I want?

What ice cream do you want? NB! 1 machine = 1 taste; 2 machines = 2 flavors; 3 machines = 3 flavors.

Choice of ice cream

NB! All the sorbets we offer are made from freeze-dried fruits.

Do you want extra mix - YES/NO. If so, what flavor? Additional mixture €30 with waffles or cups.

Choose together - quantity per machine 40 pcs

If you chose combined, please write what and how much considering that one machine comes with 40 pcs.


NB! Not mandatory 🙂


How do I want to receive the ice cream machine?

If you want transport from us, we will make you an offer based on the address you provided! Pick up and drop off time by agreement.

Your address / party venue

Juhul, kui soovite masinale ise järgi tulla, siis asume Vanamõisas Viirpuu teel. Järgi tulemise ja tagasi toomise ajad kokkuleppel.


Payment method

Billing address (company name / private person)

When paying by bank transfer, we will prepare an invoice for you, which must be paid before handing over the machine.

Questions that have arisen

Questions / additional information

Thank you!

Thank you for all the information and we will reply to you with confirmation as soon as possible! Welcoming the Party at Bullerby

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