Party at Bullerby

Ice cream machine rental and ice cream mixes, helium balloons!

Birthdays, weddings, company parties - make your event special! Soft ice cream is a nice alternative to cake!

Party at Bullerby

Grab some soft serve ice cream, close your eyes and imagine that you are a child on an adventure in the village of Bullerby with Lasse, Bosse, Liisa and others. Our ice cream machine rental and ice cream mixes will definitely bring you closer to this fairy tale!

We are manufactured in Italy and have been operating since 1959 Prodotti Rubicone of high quality ice cream mixes official importer and representative in Estonia. You can order from us various soft ice cream flavor mixes as well as waffle and pancake mixes. Also to rent ice cream machines for your event or purchase helium filled balloons.

Come pick your favorites and make your party awesome!

Party in Bullerby - ice cream machine rental and ice cream mixes, helium balloons - Event Studio OÜ

Pidu Bullerbys - Jäätisemasina rent ja jäätisesegud heeliumiga õhupallid
Ice cream mixes e-shop
Ice cream machine rental and ice cream mixes!

We offer you high-quality Italian ice cream mixes. Our assortment of ice cream mixes is available in over 20 different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pink- and blue bubble gum, pistachio, salted caramel, Strawberry, banana toffee, black hawaii etc. sorbets: Strawberry, raspberry, mango, an orange, green apple

You're sure to find something to your liking, including gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products!

In addition, different are also available waffle mixes!

Ice cream machine rental packages

There are a total of 4 of our soft ice cream machines. Three of them are single-chambered and one is two-chambered. At most, we can give out approx. 200 ice creams with five different flavors (5x 40 pieces) at the same time. The package includes ice cream machine rental, ice cream mixes, waffles/cups. If you wish, you can also choose side dishes and sauces for the ice cream.

Choose the package that suits you and get started to book!